End of Life Care for the Downers Grove, IL Community

Learn how end of life care can help ease the burden on seniors and families in Downers Grove, IL.

End of life care is designed to maximize the quality of a senior's life while facing the final months of a terminal condition. It can also help family members focus on spending time with their senior loved one instead of worrying about housework, errands, or daily living tasks. End of life services can also help preserve a senior's dignity and the family's memories of their loved one by providing personal care and hygiene support, such as toileting, bathing, grooming, and dressing. Best of all, with Comfort Keepers, each valuable service is provided in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home.

How End of Life Care Can Help in Downers Grove, IL

When a senior receives a terminal diagnosis, the majority of them want to spend the remainder of their days at home. During this time, they often see many family members and friends. Even though they are dying, seniors want to look their best and want their home to be clean and inviting. Sadly, terminal conditions are often accompanied by pain, a loss of mobility and motor function, and challenges with personal care and hygiene. This is where end of life care comes in.

Comfort Keepers end of life care is an extension of hospice care that deals with non-medical supports. Caregivers perform light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation while running errands, assisting with transportation, and providing companionship when family members need a break. Caregivers also help with personal care, transitioning and transferring to avoid bed sores, and are great listeners when family members need to share their grief.

Once a senior loved one has passed, end of life care can help families organize the home, sort and remove belongings, and clean. These are often highly emotional tasks for family members, which is why a caregiver's emotional and moral support is often as valuable as their physical assistance.

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