Medication Management & Home Care Services In Downers Grove, IL

Learn how home care services, like medication management, can help seniors in Downers Grove, IL remain independent.

The primary reason so many seniors struggle with their medication management is the sheer number of medications that are taken. Most seniors over the age of 65 take five or more prescription medications each day. Seniors suffering from chronic or progressive illnesses may take up to 20 different medications. When you consider that each of these has its own dose, timing, rules of administration (with a meal, without food, after a meal, not with...), and so forth, it is no wonder that seniors can easily become overwhelmed.

How Can Home Care Services Help Seniors in Downers Grove, IL

According to the AARP, most American seniors (over 90 percent) want to remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home as they age. Yet, many seniors are not able to take care of daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, home maintenance and medication management all on their own and may require home care services. From decreased mobility and chronic pain to memory loss, seniors may require assistance with any number of daily living activities, including medication management, to remain independent and safe.

Comfort Keepers offers several medication management options, including direct home care services support, electronic pill dispensers, and a combination of both. Technology solutions, such TabSafe, can organize and dispense a senior's medications with the simple touch of a button. A Comfort Keepers caregiver can help set up and maintain the unit during their daily or weekly visits.

Medication management also includes helping the senior remember what medication they are taking, why they are taking it, and ensuring the medication is ordered, picked up, and properly stored. Seniors with arthritis or vision issues may also have trouble opening bottles or reading the tiny print.

To learn more about medication management, or to find out about the many ways Comfort Keepers home care services can help your senior loved one maximize the quality of their elder years while safely residing the comfort of their own home, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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