Alzheimer's Care In Mount Prospect, IL

Learn how Alzheimer's care helps seniors in Mount Prospect, IL and why it is best to start care early.

There is not currently a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but there are ways to maximize the quality of a senior's life while slowing the progression of the disease. It is also important to remember that Alzheimer's care is not just about preparing for the future, it is about maintaining and improving the quality of a senior's life right now.

Care can begin at any time once a senior has been diagnosed, but the sooner it starts the more effective it can be. When care providers can get to know a senior during the early stages of the disease, they are able to create a relationship, discover a senior's likes and dislikes, and help create routines. This way, when memories fade, and cognition is severely impaired, caregivers can draw on experience, work through established routines, and work with seniors on things and through methods that they love.

Why Get Alzheimer's Care in Mount Prospect, IL?

Alzheimer's care is also a great way to ensure a senior gets the support they need. One of the greatest challenges with Alzheimer's disease is that it robs a senior of their ability to communicate. It's not just that they cannot speak or make the right motions, they often cannot even formulate the thoughts they want to get across. They know something is wrong or that they want something, but they cannot find the words or motions to describe it. Then, even if they capture their thought, they cannot make their body communicate it to another. For example, a senior may just be standing or sitting in one place looking agitated. They may want to exercise, go to the bathroom, or need a drink. They may be in pain, be scared, or be anxious because they cannot remember where they put their purse or wallet.

Alzheimer's care professionals know how to work through the decision-making process to help seniors find their peace. They can also help seniors and their families prepare for many common challenges and head them off before they become an issue. For example, creating routines with frequent meals and bathroom breaks, ensuring clothing is properly fitting and easy to put on and take off, and establishing a regular fitness routine.

Comfort Keepers offers specialized care and support for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. While there is not a specific right or wrong time to start care, the goal is maximizing a senior's enjoyment and quality of life now and in the short and longer-term future. 

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