Interactive CaregivingTM: Comfort Keepers' Unique Approach to Home Care in Mount Prospect, IL

Find out how Interactive Caregiving, our trademarked brand of home care, benefits seniors in Mount Prospect, IL

When you notice that your senior loved one is having trouble with daily living activities, what do you do? Perhaps they are not dressing or grooming themselves as well as they once did, or perhaps their hygiene is noticeably lacking. Others may find that their loved one is becoming more forgetful or is having difficulty bending, lifting, or simply getting around. These observations can be emotionally difficult and lead family members to question their loved one's safety and overall well-being. Is the answer a move to an assisted living community or nursing home, or could there be a better solution?

Interactive Caregiving and Home Care in Mount Prospect, IL

Comfort Keepers home care provides an alternative to the very dramatic life change of an institutional move. With home care, seniors are able to remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home while benefiting from services and supports that enhance their independence, improve safety, and generally increase their quality of life. But, why Comfort Keepers home care versus other senior care companies. Two words: Interactive Caregiving.

Interactive Caregiving is the trademarked philosophy of Comfort Keepers that both defines and guides how senior care is provided. Through Interactive Caregiving, seniors are the central focus of all care and not simply the recipients of services.

Think about going into a doctor's office where nobody talks to you. A nurse comes and takes your blood pressure, another quickly moves you over to a scale, and another pokes your arm with a needle. Then, they all go away and move on to another patient. Sadly, this is how seniors are treated by many home care agencies. People show up at their home, dust, sweep the floor, do the laundry, and leave, sometimes without even a smile or hello.

Comfort Keepers is not a maid service. While physical tasks are important, Comfort Keepers understands that seniors are people and not jobs. In order to maximize a senior's independence and improve a senior's well-being, caregivers need to engage the whole person and develop a relationship with the senior they are serving.

Interactive Caregiving draws seniors into their own care through meaningful relationships involving social, emotional, and cognitive interaction. In addition to helping with care tasks, seniors and their caregivers talk, play games, go for walks, scrapbook, and so forth. By addressing the needs of the whole person, Interactive Caregiving helps seniors avoid isolation, improve memory, increase cognition, and have fun.

In short, if your senior loved one could use some help around the house, needs transportation support, or requires assistance with personal care, Comfort Keepers caregivers will not just address these needs, they will work to improve your loved one's overall quality of life through Interactive Caregiving. 

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