Nursing Home Versus In Home Care In Mount Prospect, IL

Learn why in home care may be the best option for your senior loved one in Mount Prospect, IL who wishes to remain independent.

We may not like it, but as we age our bodies tend to slowly degenerate. Cells stop replicating and regenerating as fast as they once did, systems slow down, and other times things even stop working completely. We can certainly make good choices and lifestyle decisions that may add to longevity, health, and quality of life, but eventually, most seniors will require some help to remain independent.

Those who are fortunate will only require little to moderate daily living assistance. They may require help with housekeeping, running errands, or making meals; but, for the most part, they will be able to maintain their freedom while safely residing in the comfort of their own home. In many of these situations, family caregivers provide much or all the necessary support.

Why Choose In Home Care Over a Nursing Home in Mount Prospect, IL?

Other seniors, however, require regular support, personal care, and perhaps even regular medical intervention. While family members may want to help, they may find themselves overwhelmed by the degree of support required and feel as if nursing home care is their only option. For some seniors, a nursing home may be the best solution for their needs. Many seniors, though, not only want to remain in their own home, but they do not actually need the level of service that a nursing home provides.

Thankfully, with Comfort Keepers home care, there is another option. In home care is, as the name suggests, professional care and support that is provided in the comfort and convenience of a senior's home instead of in an institution like a nursing home.

Nursing homes are designed to provide care, support, and round-the-clock medical and non-medical support for seniors with limited or no mobility who lack the ability to care for themselves. As a trade-off for this level of care, nursing homes follow set routines with limited personalization of services, entertainment options, or food choices.

In home care addresses a wide range of a senior’s non-medical needs, including housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation. Personal care and hygiene support are also available, such as eating support, toileting, bathing, grooming, and dressing. While many Comfort Keepers locations also provide private-duty nursing support to address a senior's on-going medical needs, these supports are not available in all cities.

When it comes right down to it, both nursing homes and in home care providers offer essential services for seniors who require assistance. For seniors who want to maintain a greater sense of independence, freedom, and choice, home care allows for significantly greater personalization of services.

For more information or to find out if Comfort Keepers in home care is available at your loved one's location, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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