Transportation Services Are An Important Part Of Home Care Services In Mount Prospect, IL

Read about the importance of transportation assistance to seniors in Mount Prospect, IL who need home care services.

Access to reliable transportation is an essential element of a senior's freedom, independence, and any plan for quality home care services. When a senior loses their ability to drive or can no longer reasonably access public transportation, they become physically isolated. Their needs do not change: they still need socialization, food, medical treatment, and the ability to take care of errands, but their ability to do accomplish these essential tasks has been severely limited or even halted. Without effective alternative transportation, many seniors end up moving to assisted-living communities or nursing homes. This is incredibly important since statistics from the Automobile Club of America show that, on average, American men live seven years beyond their ability to safely drive. Women live even longer (an average of 11 years).

Some of the things to consider when researching transportation options include:

  • How will the senior arrange for the transportation? Do they make phone calls? Do they need a smart phone, app, and technological skill? Can pick up, drop-off, and return trips be made all at once? How much time is needed between initial contact and transportation being available?
  • How will the senior access the transportation? Some transportation services will show up at a nearby location and seniors need to make their way there. Others will come to a senior’s curb, but the senior will need to access the vehicle on their own. Door-to-door transportation services will help seniors get to and from vehicles, but seniors must get ready to go without their assistance. Home-to-home, door-through-door, or comprehensive transportation services help seniors get ready, help them to and from vehicles, and ensure they are safely back inside their homes after a return trip; drivers will also carry bags or other parcels for the senior.
  • Does the service help with assistive devices? Not all transportation services will help seniors with wheelchairs or walkers. In this vein, some vehicles are not easy for seniors with mobility problems to access (too high, too low, narrow entrances, and so forth).
  • Are drivers licensed, bonded, and trained in emergency medicine? While seniors may have varying levels of concern here, seniors may feel better riding in a vehicle equipped with a defibrillator and a driver who is trained to use it.

Comfort Keepers home care services provides seniors with effective and accessible transportation. For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers home care services can keep your senior loved one vibrant, vital, and independent, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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