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Elderly Care & Kidney Disease in Chicagoland, IL

Mar 9, 2018 by Katie Fielmann

Most people are born with two functioning kidneys that filter waste products from the blood. When functioning properly, the kidneys also help regulate blood pressure and electrolytes. As with the body's other organs, the kidneys can lose their effectiveness as we age. When this happens, seniors can develop a condition known as chronic kidney disease. Chronic means that the condition occurs over a long period of time. Kidney disease refers to the kidneys lack of ability to filter the blood and regulate the body efficiently.

Elderly Care Can Help Identify Kidney Disease in Chicagoland, IL

By the time seniors reach 60, nearly 40 percent of American adults have some level of kidney disease. Sadly, the symptoms are often so subtle that the disease does not get diagnosed. This March, take a moment to learn these common signs of kidney disease.

  • Blood in the urine, incredible urges to urinate in the middle of the night, and difficulty urinating. The kidneys are responsible for urine production and when they do not function properly, one of the first signs is often a change in urination.
  • Weakness and fatigue. The kidneys filter the blood. When they lose their efficiency, the blood is not able to provide the proper nutrition and oxygen to the cells leading to increased feelings of tiredness.
  • Swollen ankles and feet. If the kidneys are not able to balance electrolytes properly, the body may retain water which leads to swollen ankles and feet.
  • Bad tastes. When the blood is not filtered properly the mouth may get a bad taste that does not go away with brushing and other oral hygiene routines.

If you suspect your loved one may have kidney disease they should see a doctor. The screening is easy, and treatments are effective. Often medications are enough to slow the disease. Seniors with more advanced stages may require different treatments that impact their ability to care for themselves. Instead of moving into a care facility, in-home elderly care is often enough to maintain freedom and independence. Even in the later stages of kidney disease, out-patient dialysis is effective, and Comfort Keepers elderly care can provide transportation and daily living assistance.

In short, kidney disease is common among the elderly but often goes unnoticed. This March, take the time to learn about the common signs of kidney disease and have your senior loved one screened if you think they may be developing it. If they need help, Comfort Keepers elderly care support is just a phone call away.

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